Open time trials

Open to all riders with membership of any CTT affiliated club. The competition is usually a step up from a club time trial, so it might be worth bringing your best bike and your Southborough skinsuit.

CTT events and entry

Open events are run by individual clubs under the guidance of the CTT. A list of events can be found here whilst course details and maps – listed by their code number – can be found here.

An increasing number of events can be entered online, whilst others still require a CTT entry form to be filled in and posted along with a cheque for the entry fee. Open events need to be entered at least 14 days before the event date.

Southborough open TT's and joint promotions

Southborough promotes five open events each year – three on its own behalf and two others, a 2-up TT on behalf of the East Sussex Cycling Association (ESCA) and a 25 mile TT on behalf of the Veterans Time Trial Association (VTTA). A veteran (Vet) is anyone aged 40 or more. A set of additional age standards enable riders of all ages to compete against each other, with a number of open events offering prizes for improvements against age standard.

Perhaps Southborough's best known open time trial promotion, is the New Years Day 10, raced on the 10 mile Bethersden course (Q10/10) from 10am on the 1st Jan each year.

Some open TT courses

New Years Day 10 (Bethersden) - Q10/10

Science's best cure for a hangover. Southborough's New Years Day 10 mile Open Time Trial is more traditional than brussel sprouts. Entrants need to have their entry submitted by the first week of December for what is usually a well attended, highly...

ESCA 2-up - GS839

24 Mile TT used for the ESCA 2-up.

Ringmer - Golden Cross - A22 - Little Horsted - A26 - Lewes.

Held end March/early April each year - check the...

Spring 10 - Q10/33

Southborough's Spring 10 mile open TT.

Tenterden - Appledore - Woodchurch.

Held in May each year - check the upcoming open TT page...

Summer 25 - G25/89

Southborough's Spring 25 mile open TT.

Maresfield - A22 - Boship (Lower Horsebridge) - Maresfield.

Held in June each year - check the ...

VTTA 25 and KCA 25 3up TTT - Q25/12

The Q25/12 is used for the VTTA 25 mile open TT, organised by Peter Rowe. Held in September each year - check the ...