New Years Day 10 (Bethersden) - Q10/10

Science's best cure for a hangover. Southborough's New Years Day 10 mile Open Time Trial is more traditional than brussel sprouts. Entrants need to have their entry submitted by the first week of December for what is usually a well attended, highly competitive and sociable event which guarantees to clear the blood of too much pop from the night before. If the effort doesn't clear the head, the chill in the air will.

Start in Bull Lane, Bethersden, approximately 1200 yards west of A28 at hinge post opposite Honeyfield Wood (TQ914398). Ride Eastbound to the A28 (care must be taken turning left at the T-junction onto the A28). Continue Eastbound through Bethersden village and along the A28 to the Singleton roundabout (5.4 miles). U-turn at the roundabout and return Westbound on the A28 to finish at the stile by Bethersden cricket ground (TQ926399) at the Western edge of Bethersden village.

HQ: Bethersden Village Hall, TN26 3AF map

Course record: 21.28 Steve Berry 1st Jan 2013

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