Membership of a local cycling club like Southborough brings many benefits, from social rides and events, to elligibilty to ride as a team in fast paced bunch races.

Please read the membership information below and then click here to review membership categories, costs and the simple online steps to join.

If you have any questions or would like to come along to one of our "Come and try it" events, please email

Existing members can access their memebrship details here 


First or second claim membership 

'First Claim' (full) membership is required for riders to be elligible to gain points in the Club time trial series, to race in Open time trials and ride bunch races in Southborough kit. 'Second Claim' members are elligible to ride the Club TT series, but can not gain points. Both categories are also eligble for club Online Cyling activities.

We offer various Senior, Youth and Family categories as outlined on the Join Us page.  

Compulsory third party liability insurance

First and second claim club members are required to have up to date third party liability insurance of no less than £10 million cover per claim and to maintain this throughout their membership.

This can be arranged via Cycling UK for non-competitive riding and time trialsBritish Cycling for all competitive and non-competitive riding or with evidence of appropriate cover through their cycle insurer.

Please note:

  • Not all general insurers provide third party liability cover or if they do, sometimes at lower levels or without cover for all types of riding 
  • Cycling UK membership only covers you for time trials and non-competitive riding (including non-competitive sportives, charity rides and Audax) 
  • British Cycling membership covers competitive and non-competitive riding across disciplines. British cycling insurance needs to be either Gold, Silver or Ride membership (Bronze and Commute membership is not sufficient)
  • For additional cycling insurance to cover your bike and possessions from theft and damage please see our insurance partner member offers

Affiliation to Cylcing Time Trials (CTT)

First and second claim membership of Southborough automatically affiliates you with the CTT (not to be confused with the CTC - see above), which then permits riders to take part in Open Time Trials and Hill Climbs.

Online membership

Online membership enables official affiliation with the club for our e-racing activities with priority places in our SDW teams and eligibility for Club Championship and Club Series standings. Note - online membership does not require compulsory third party liability insurance and does not include affiliation to CTT.

Associate (non-ride) membership

Associate membership enables non-ride members to stay affiliated and connected with club.

Additional membership benefits

All categories (including online membership) also benefit from SDW member offers and discounts, club social events, club kit at member rates and access to our members Facebook group to stay engaged with latest club activities from group rides to racing. 

Code of conduct

The Club has adopted British Cycling's Code of Conduct and all members are expected to abide by its guidance. 

General Data Protection Regulation policy (GDPR)

The club is conscious about it GDPR obligations and operates the following GDPR policy.


Non-members can participate in club "Come and try it" events. Typically these would be selected Club Time Trial events, Club Ride taster rides or one-off introductory events by invite. Non-members should Contact Us first for appropriate ride leader introductions and are advised to have their own third party liability insurance through their BC Membership or personal Cycle Insurance.