Membership of a local cycling club like Southborough brings many benefits, from social rides and events, to elligibilty to ride as a team in fast paced bunch races.


First or second claim membership

'First Claim' (full) membership is required for riders to be elligible to gain points in the Club time trial series, to race in Open time trials and ride bunch races in Southborough kit. 'Second Claim' members are elligible to ride the Club TT series, but can not gain points.

Compulsory third party insurance

Club members are required to have third party liability insurance, either directly with the CTC, through the club with the CTC or with British Cycling. CTC membership covers riders participating in time trials, but not in road or circuit racing. British Cycling membership covers all disciplines. British cycling insurance needs to be either Gold, Silver or Ride membership (Bronze membership is not sufficient).

Affiliation to Cycling Time Trials (CTT)

Membership of Southborough automatically affiliates you with the CTT (not to be confused with the CTC - see above), which then permits riders to take part in Open Time Trials and Hill Climbs.

Code of Conduct

The Club has adopted British Cycling's Code of Conduct and all members are expected to abide by its guidance. 

Global Data Protection Policy (GDPR)

The club is conscious about it GDPR obligations and operates the following GDPR policy.