ESCA 2-up - GS839

24 Mile TT used for the ESCA 2-up.

Ringmer - Golden Cross - A22 - Little Horsted - A26 - Lewes.

Held end March/early April each year - check the upcoming open TT page, the calendar or the CTT website for details.

HQ Area: Laughton village hall

START at north end of metal field gate on the west side of Shortgate Lane, 78 yards south of T junction at Shortgate {GR TQ494151}. Proceed to T junction with B2192. Turn LEFT (CARE) and follow B2192 via The Broyle to Kennel Corner roundabout (M) (2.62miles) {TQ458129}. Take 1st exit (SHARP LEFT- GREAT CARE) and follow B2124 via Laughton to the T junction with the A22 at Golden Cross (M) (7.50 miles). Turn LEFT (GREAT CARE) and follow A22 via Whitesmith and East Hoathly by-pass to The Shaw roundabout (10.48 miles). Take first exit (LEFT) and continue on A22 via Halland and Golf Course roundabouts to Little Horsted roundabout (M)(13.42 miles) {TQ472190}. Take first exit (LEFT) and follow the A26 via Rose Hill, Isfield, to Earwig Corner, Lewes (M) (19.31 miles) {TQ423114}. Turn SHARP LEFT (GREAT CARE) and follow B2192 via The Forge mini roundabout to Kennel Corner roundabout, Ringmer (21.77miles) (M). Take first exit and follow B2192 via the Broyle to FINISH at centre point of double metal field gate opposite house named "Whitecroft" {TQ488148} (23.92 miles). CTT course info.

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