New to the area and need a route? Or wish to download the GPS for a well trodden route? The list of routes below can be added to as new routes are found.

A selection of routes from club members - no guarantees though over their current state or suitability.

Tenterden loop

TW to Tenterden via Cranbrook. Nothing too strenuous in the way of hills bar Goudhurst on the way out, but a few ups and downs to keep you busy.

Newnham and back

A deceptively hilly tour of mid-Kent, reaching out through Pluckley, up the Downs to Newnham and Doddington, then home via Chart Sutton and Marden.

The Super Six - Toys, Yorks, Hubbards, River, Bayleys, Ide Hill

Strava segment starting just North of Four Elms on Toy's Hill Road. Ascends and descends six well known local climbs, circles the roundabout over the A21 junction before retracing the route in reverse to finish at the foot of Toy's Hill. Don't forget...

Club ride - 53 miles

David Bagge's club ride route of 53miles, on faster country roads.

Chalkpit and Pilgrims Way (50m)

A popular Sunday ride route (approx 50 miles) with lots of options of cutting it shorter by heading south from Pilgrims Way over Ide, round or through Sevenoaks.  Do this on a nice day and get great views south from top of the North Downs. ...

Ashdown, Ardingly & Balcombe (52m)

Lovely steady climb to the top of the Ashdown and then one of my favourite stretches of road - a long, fast, slightly descing road for 5 miles from Wych X to Danehill and beyond - great for chaingang practice!. Then some nice back roads over to...

What will it be Ide or Yorks? (44m)

I like a route with a steep hill and a long descent. This routes via Ide but you can go right at end of Bough Beech reservoir and take in Yorks Hill (though difficult in wet as is very steep) and then rejoin route at top on Bessels Green road. Lovely...

Easy flat one (32m)

About 32 miles and about as flat as it gets round here. No avoiding climbing back to Tunbridge Wells though so a bit of a sting in the tail with Foxhole lane just before Penbury

SDW with Cycling Weekly (44 miles)

This was the route we did with Cycling Weekly featured in their Jan 7 2016 edition. They couldn't decide whether to do Kidds or Toys so we gave them both!

Baileys, Shoreham, Eynsford, Knole (53m)

A 53 mile route but can be cut shorter. Takes a roundabout route to Baileys via Fordcombe, Wellers Town (nice descent) and Chiddingstone. Hales Oak road to Baileys is very quiet. Then long sweeping descent of Bessels Green road. Bit busier through...