New to the area and need a route? Or wish to download the GPS for a well trodden route? The list of routes below can be added to as new routes are found.

A selection of routes from club members - no guarantees though over their current state or suitability.

Club ride - 53 miles

David Bagge's club ride route of 53miles, on faster country roads.

Chalkpit and Pilgrims Way (50m)

A popular Sunday ride route (approx 50 miles) with lots of options of cutting it shorter by heading south from Pilgrims Way over Ide, round or through Sevenoaks.  Do this on a nice day and get great views south from top of the North Downs. ...

Ashdown, Ardingly & Balcombe (52m)

Lovely steady climb to the top of the Ashdown and then one of my favourite stretches of road - a long, fast, slightly descing road for 5 miles from Wych X to Danehill and beyond - great for chaingang practice!. Then some nice back roads over to...