SDW Club Championship Dates

Some history behind the club championships by Jo Watson:

Until 2003 the fastest time trial ride by a club member for both the 10 and 25 mile that year received the 10 mile champs and likewise the 25 mile Champs - the events could be club or open TT's.

In 2004 the committee decided to nominate a specific event for both the 10 and 25 mile championships and two trophies were purchased.

Warwick Dunford wanted as many club members as possible to race so an open event was chosen rather than a club event. This was so that everyone had a chance to compete without having to marshal. The club used to go over to Harrietsham in the evenings and do some 25s on the Q25/20, but getting there was a problem and so rider numbers dwindled.

In 2004 there were not so many open TT's held. The main ones were the Tonbridge by-pass 10, the Winchet Hill 10, Harrietsham 10 and 25, or Beltring (albeit a different variation from today).  Yes, there was the odd Ashdown Forest, plus Bells Yew Green/Frant /Wadhurst/Lamberhurst  and back to Bells Yew Green, but traffic and bollards or traffic lights have made them unreliable.

For 2014 the events that have been chosen are:

  • 10 mile - Saturday 26th July -  G10/57 (Organised by Elite CC) 
  • 25 mile - Sunday 17th August - G25/89 (Eastbourne Rovers) 

As these are both open events you must enter via the CTT website. You must have entered at least 2 weeks before the event, both events can be entered on-line and are £8.00 entry each.

The website can be found here: