What is the Road Bike Category?

What is the Road Bike Category? Time Trialling, like other forms of cyclesport, takes various forms and we’re probably very familiar with the sight of Bradley Wiggins in front of millions, on a state-of-the-art TT bike, skinsuit and pointy helmet. The reality of Time Trialling for many of us is very different but even at a local event some riders will go to great lengths to buy speed. For us, our club Time Trials are all about getting people riding and we understand that many of you will have already invested money in a nice road bike so the thought of spending the same again on a TT bike can put people off. For this reason we have created the Road Bike Category.

What is it? The Road Bike Category has run as a trial for a couple of years and has proved to be successful – we’ve tweaked it a little and this year it will attract a prize and trophy at the end-of-year prize-giving just like the Scratch and Handicap Series. The intention of the series is to allow road bike riders to dip their toe into the waters of Time Trialling if they are interested in making the step up to a full TT bike or simply if they want to compete on an even playing-field with other road bike riders.

Do I still qualify for the Scratch and Handicap races/series? Yes, everyone regardless of equipment qualifies for the Scratch race/series. If you’ve let the organiser know you’re coming you’ll also qualify for the Handicap race/series. All you need to do to be in the Road Bike Category is to mention to the Starter that he should put an “R” by your name on the start-sheet.

What do I need? Basically, nothing more than the normal equipment that you’d take on a club ride or BC road/crit race. The bike and rider must meet the normal regulations for a road race in the UK. So if it’s legal for BC regulated road racing, it’s also legal for our Road Bike Category.

Can I wear a skinsuit? Yes. BC says that clothing must have sleeves, but can be made up of shorts and jersey or skinsuit (it does also state that untidy dress is not permitted).

Can I wear a pointy helmet? No. Aero style road racing helmets are permitted but not a full on TT helmet – you’d look silly anyway!

Can I have clip-on TT bars? No. They aren’t allowed in road racing so not hear either. TT bike geometry is so different that they don’t really help anyway.

Can I run deep section wheels? As with BC road races you are allowed up to a 35mm rim depth (plus the brake track), so nothing crazy, but yes normal deep road wheels are fine. This covers most wheels up to approx 50mm deep including the brake track.

Who checks? Whilst it’s not the Starters main job to check, he will undoubtedly cast an eye over your kit and bike. He will mark down (at his discretion) that you’re in the road bike cat. We ask that you enter into this with a bit of good nature and are respectful of the officials and your rivals – after all the point of a Club TT is to get us together to race our bikes, not to squabble over bike tech.