Beginners & Easy Paced Group Ride

Good to see the last Sunday of the month beginners and easy paced rides getting more popular. Had approx 25 riders along today (Sunday 28th June) and fine weather for once. I used to badge this as beginners ride but it is also for anyone who wants a shorter, easier paced ride so please come along if you are just starting to ride or want to have an easy paced ride. We split into 2 groups today at 2 slightly different paces and we always ensure that on these rides, we have an experienced rider as back marker and ride at the pace of the slowest rider. So don't worry if you you think it may be too fast and you'll get dropped on these rides - we won't! We also have a few experienced riders  who help get the group organised, shout for cars and obstacles etc. Thanks to Neil C, Lexi, Ian T, Martin Y, Charlie D, Simon A for helping out - apologies to any I missed out who helped Ian and Martin in the other group. 

I also got chatting today to a couple of experienced riders who have been out with us a few times and feedback was that we could do with getting an easy paced ride going more regularly so will try and get that set up. Suggestion was to get all to meet up every Sunday and split into groups of different ability. We are getting to numbers that will make that possible but it is hard to get a fixed time as those with family want to go out early (7:30 or 8) and those without or have all day available understandbly want to leave later. But I'll work on it. 

I like to mix up the routes a bit so today we did 25 miles going out to Bidborough, down Gate Farm road and onto Leigh and Hildenborough. From there took some nice quiet roads to Dunks Green and onto Hadlow. Up to that point it was a little undulating but then we were onto dead flat roads through Golden Green and onto Tudley. Then back to Tonbridge and a climb along Vauxhall Lane to Southborough. That climb is tough but better than going up Quarry Hill which in some ways is harder as no respite and has all the traffic.  Then back through Southborough to the Velo House for a well deserved coffee and cake / bacon roll / breakfast burrito or even beer for some. 

Please do come and join us on last Sunday easy paced / beginners rides. You don't need to be a member to come along and is a great introduction to the club. I'll try and get some other slightly longer but still easy paced rides going on some other Sundays


Sundays route